By Katrina Valdez
You know that the annual ETC Christmas show is rehearsing because the small town of San Juan Bautista is crawling with artists of all sorts, and they are all drinking tea and water, and wearing scarves.  This has been a running joke in San Juan ever since I was a young girl. Well, no matter how many of the artists change, the drink and the scarves never change. Day 1 of rehearsals and we’ve already crossed that off our list! The celebrated ETC Christmas shows are notorious for theatre in the round. When performing in the Mission of San Juan Bautista, you learn to work the cruzero. As an actor, you are taught to never turn your back to an audience, but this audience is all around you, 360 degrees. Transplanting into the mission. Leaving the comforts of ETC headquarters and heading into tech week at the Mission, you soon realize how much work is still needed.  The Mission as a theatre space has her own rules. There are certain places in the Mission that will swallow your dialogue and your singing, but we have a great cast that always works diligently to overcome those obstacles. From the Teatro to Mission, we are ready to share with you La Pastorela 2015!!!