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Xochitl Rios-Ellis is a Latinx director, actor, and writer. Most recently, her play ‘The List’ was featured at the Art Speaks festival in Michigan. She also directed and adapted a queer and bilingual production of ‘A Doll’s House’ at UC Santa Cruz’s The Barn Theater, where she completed her undergraduate degree in Theater Arts. Post-pandemic, she is striving to continue to acting, directing, and writing for the queer Latinx community.

Rodrigo García is an accomplished actor, director, educator, and playwright originally from Mexico City. As the current Artistic Director of Teatro Visión, he is leading the development of a new work through a binational collaboration between Teatro Visión, La Quinta Teatro ensemble from Mexico City, and music artist Guillermo Galindo. He is also a founding member of the theater ensemble Teatro Alebrijes. Rodrigo graduated from the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City and has trained with Double Edge Theater, De’ll arte International, Le Théâtre du Soleil, Sojourn Theater, and Julian Boal. 

Carolina Perez – Crecí observando todo a mi alrededor, la gente, las cosas, el barrio. Aprendi a ser amiga del dolor y de la alergia, me gusta tomar emociones de la mano y crear historias. Cualquier objeto puede dar una historia, cuando se crece fregado, la magia la encuentras en todas partes. La imaginación ha sido mi mejor complice. Hago lo que hago porque me gusta ponerle una sonrisa a las personas y principalmente a mi Madre.

Ray Rios is an actor, writer, director, and musician who has worked with multiple companies both in Northern and Southern California such as El Teatro Campesino, Baktun 12, CASA0101, Teatro Frida Kahlo Theater, Center Theatre Group, Company of Angels, and The Los Angeles Theatre Center.

Pablo Lopez comes from the asphalt sewn city of Los Angeles: where his mother honored the stories of his houseless neighbors, where his father taught folklorico and his grandfather made pan dulce. He comes from a family of artists, and he’s been a professional theatre artist (producer, playwright, teacher, actor) for over eleven years. After graduating in 2018 with a BFA in Theatre Original Works at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, Washington, and since the pandemic has brought him closer to home, he’s begun to produce his own short stories through his passion for drawing, poetry, collaboration, and performance.

Flaco el Jandro is a Chicano musician and songwriter who blends a diverse range of latin rhythms with a balance of traditional and contemporary sounds to create a vibration all his own. Through his music he aims to connect with people who share the same human experience and seek to better themselves and the world around them.

Max Joshua – I am a Chicano Creator/Artist from Saint Paul Minnesotan that specializes in Poetry. I have grown up loving to write about things deep in culture, politics, love, struggles, and life in itself. I hope to soon release all my poetry to the public through Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, etc.

Patty López Day Born in the Bay Area she was raised in the East Side of San José, the heart of Silicon Valley In Northern California, a love for language, the written word and a passion for reading fueled her goal of becoming a writer. Upon receiving a Bachelor of Arts in English and Chicano Studies from the University of California Santa Bárbara Lopez Day entered the world of journalism and has had her work featured in magazines, newspapers and online media outlets. Now a San Benito County transplant she lives and raises her family with her husband in Hollister. Fluent in English and Spanish studied in French she is interested in dialects, slang or community speak as a form of expression

Cris Eli Blak is an internationally produced writer for the page, stage and screen, as well as a performer and arts worker. He is also a two-time poetry slam champion. His work has been produced, performed and/or published around the world, from Off-Broadway, West Coast, Collegiate, London, Australia, and Ireland. He is developing new work with Derby City Playwrights, The Road Theatre, Imaginarium Theatre Company and Et Alia Theater. He continues to strive to create work that reflects the world that we live in, with all of its different and diverse colors, creeds and cultures.

Ina Gonzalez – I am a healer, a soulful thinking, and a visionary artist. I create a safe space to think, share, and heal through movement. (and other forms of art such as photography and painting) Creating through movement helps me form a sense of self and regrounds me. It is important to for me let my emotions flow through while I move. This allows the body and mind to connect and creates an awareness within the self from where we can finally begin to heal.

Laurie Marie – Contemporary Arte In Movement is based out of East Los Angeles and is honored to be part of Palabra Vol: solo . CAM uses theatrical and modern dance movement to express the power of human connection , and encourages its dancers and audience to keep their minds and hearts open as we explore these cuentos together .

Justine Rea – Actor, writer, poet…. storyteller! Justine is a formally trained film and stage actor who studied as part of the Theatre Arts program at Sacramento State University. She is also a teaching artist, and has taught youth drama courses for four years. Justine is passionate about cultural-equity within arts education and mental healthcare, and teaches wellness through drama series for children and families.

Palabra Vol. Solo Artists

Jessica Carmen’s art focuses on her experiences as a first generation Chicana. Whether through visual art or poetry, her goal is to tell a story that is unique but universal at the same time.

Rosanna Alvarez –  is an interdisciplinary literary artist who writes creative nonfiction and poetry that addresses self-recovery, voice, and liberation. She describes her writing as a constant process of re-membering herself whole while translating the living legacy of the stories that have shaped us into who we have become both individually and collectively. She is a boot wearing, hat loving Chicana from East San Jose, mother of three guerreras, and a trucker’s wife. She has lived in Gilroy for the past thirteen years.

Mary González-Vega  –  Mis poemas reflejan el dolor y la desesperación de las niñas y mujeres que están siendo asesinadas en Mexico y en el mundo, principalmente en Michoacan mi tierra natal. Expresó en mis poemas lo difícil que es trabajar en el campo.  Mis poemas expresan el cariño que le tengo a la tierra, a la naturaleza, a las aves. Mis poemas expresan mi cultura de donde vengo de donde soy y a donde voy. Soy una mujer Chingona campesina que marchó con Cesar Chávez para hacer cambios.

Palabra Vol. Solo Artists

Ugho Badú – Originally from Guadalajara, México, Ugho’s stage credits with Teatro Visión include Departera, La Muerte Baila, Macario 2013-2019. As a founding member of Teatro Alebrijes he has been an actor, playwright, and stage director since 2011. Other stage and offstage credits include Cuentos de Peregrinación, La Llorona, Sin Visa, SiemPrE Por Ti, Bless Me Ultima, Placas. His social media handle is @ughobadu. “I dedicate this piece to all the brave individuals who chose to live their lives freely and unapologetically in pursuit of happiness .”

Alfredo Avila (Palabra Host / Producer ) is a Chicano activist, actor, educator, theater-maker, and award-winning documentary filmmaker from Inglewood, CA, with a Masters in Applied Theatre Arts from USC. During his 15-year collaboration with El Teatro Campesino he has served as a resident actor, producer, director and Migrant Education media teacher. He currently serves as adjunct professor in both the Ethnic Studies and Theater & Cinema department at Hartnell College and teaches theater and video production in state prison, youth detention centers, and elementary schools throughout Salinas and South Monterey County. He serves as the Media Director of the street theater group Baktun12, producing street theater performances, radio play podcasts, and live teledramatic performances.